In this age, the entertainment has got a number of options. Now there are also live streaming sites with the help of which one can see programs of his choice irrespective of what being telecasted. It is seen that Netflix is growing at a faster rate than it is expected.  Netflix has got this popularity as the content quality is excellent when it comes to Netflix. In this busy life, people keep on searching for good entertainment. Good entertainment comes from good content, and all the people love good content.

When it comes to Netflix, it has got some really good contents in it. Due to the use of the best quality of content, the popularity of Netflix is rising.  It is seen that these online streaming forums are now the new popular place to get the entertainment.  Apart from this, many companies to use this platform to promote their business online.

Recently, the company has announced its third-quarter report. From the report, one can easily see the rising popularity of Netflix. Some of the highlights that are posted by the company in the report are mentioned below.

  • When it comes to the revenues, the company has posted a $4 billion revenue.
  • When it comes to the EPS, the company has got near to 89 cents, but the estimation for the same was 68 cents.
  • Netflix has got about 1.09 million subscribers.
  • The new subscriber’s addition stands at 5.87 million.

All these points in the report show that it is now rising to its peak and that too at a high rate. As per the reports, the revenue that is generated due to the streaming has been increased to 36 per cent in the third quarter.

Performance of Netflix in the market

During the last year, the company had managed to get a profit with a margin of $11.7 billion.  As the company is now going public with the shares, now anyone can get the opportunity to purchase and can get some huge profits. It has been seen that right from the launch of Netflix; it has caught every attention. The popularity is now on peak and everyone, and this shows how good the company stands in the market by performance.

In the recent statement, the company has said that it is now eyeing a target of about 9.4 million new net subscribers and that too during the fourth quarter. According to Reed Hastings, who is CEO, said that the company is now getting better when it comes to the forecasting. Reed added by saying that by focusing on the net adds; the company can able to have some more accurate as well as can able to focus on the fundamentals.

AS per Ted Sarandos, who is Chief Content Officer said that the company is focusing on their original shows. When the company is investing in an original show, then they get a better payback. That is the only reason Netflix focusing on the original shows.